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Rumours, Speculation And Facts About The Upcoming Windows 10 System

Rumours, Speculation & Facts About Windows 10

When was it announced?

In the first week of October 2014, Microsoft officially announced a preview version of its next windows release, Windows 10.

What will its new features include?

In the recently released Windows 10 Technical Preview, the system includes just one Internet Explorer, although it is likely that many features have yet to be included in this version. The new system is also expected to contain the Cortana voice interaction feature, included on the Windows Phone, and may have a keylogger as part of its privacy policy.

Similarities to Windows 7

Windows 10 is expected to have many identical features to Windows 7, but with an emphasis on more collaborative features that will improve the way Microsoft delivers the Windows experience. The system will also feature a new Task View button, which will enable the user to see a thumbnail of all the apps they are using, although this is quite similar to the Expose feature on the Apple MAC OS X.

The same snap function

Windows 10 will incorporate the existing snap function of Windows 7, which will run with all apps, although the new system will feature a different layout enabling the user to snap four apps at a time. The new Snap Assist feature will also enable people to ‘grab’ an app from the desktop when they are in Task View.

Back to the start menu!

One of the most anticipated new comebacks is the return of the start menu, which will be customisable and resizeable. While some Windows users have begun to take a liking to the Windows 8 start screen, many others still miss the more conventional start menu.


When will it be released?

The new system was expected to be released around the middle of 2015, although no date has been finalised. However, earlier reports suggested the new system might be released by April 2015, while more recent speculation has revealed that it may not be released until the second half of the year.


What will its price be?

Although Microsoft has not provided any confirmation of the price for Windows 10, early rumours indicated that the new system might be free for consumers. As Microsoft has not confirmed this, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not there will be a free upgrade, particularly when you consider the fact that the company would probably have a vested interest to market any ‘freebies’ as a way to lure more people to its updated system (and to discourage its customers from converting to the Mac!).

A free upgrade cannot be ruled out, however

The president of Microsoft Indonesia, Andreas Diantoro, was quoted saying that the new version would be free for Windows 8 users. There have been no announcements with regards to the cost of acquiring the new system for customers upgrading from XP or Windows 7, however, although Microsoft did state that it was more interested in discussing the ‘product family’ at present.

Windows 10 – a move to a ‘one product family

Microsoft is keen to continue integrating its Windows platform, moving away from separate apps and towards a ‘one product family’ on ‘one platform’.  According to Terry Myerson, the executive vice president of Microsoft, the new system will represent the beginning of a ‘whole new generation of Windows’, delivering what Windows customers demand through a tailored experience.

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