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Microsoft Azure Back-Up Update: New Features Added

Microsoft Azure Updates

Microsoft Azure Backup offers a very reliable and simple way to utilize cloud integrated backup. This is why large numbers of businesses around the globe put it to good use each day. It comes with advanced workload protection, encrypted and secure at-rest and in-transit, efficient incremental backups, reliable offsite backup target, and 99.9% availability is guaranteed.

Microsoft Has Your Back

Microsoft comprehends that data is the heart of any organization, and backing up important data plays a big role in the strategy of any business. Cloud based backup solutions are able to produce a scalable, reliable, and inexpensive solution with minimal operational expense and zero capital investment.

One of the main reasons why businesses opt for Microsoft Azure Backup is due to its efficiency over the disk and the network. Only incremental adjustments are sent at a defined frequency once the starting seeding is complete. Its inbuilt features, such as bandwidth throttling, longer retention, encryption, and compression, help boost IT efficiency.

Another reason why businesses make Microsoft Azure Backup their go-to source is due to the helpful updates that they attain which are frequently performed. At the moment, the new features that were integrated to the newest update are being the talk of the town as they contain a handful of benefits that are able to simplify certain important tasks.

New Key Capabilities

The main capabilities of this update include long-term retention. As the cloud replaces tapes as backup, users will be allowed to retain data for up to a whooping ninety-nine years in Azure. Offline seeding can be performed with Azure Backup. This permits users to complete initial seeding off-the-network at a rapid pace. Improved reporting and monitoring in System Center Operations Manager and backup of all data protection management (DPM) workloads to Azure are other key capabilities that present in this update.

By utilizing the cloud as a tape replacement, users can specify yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily retention policies. Due to the this new engaging update, users can now complete the initial backup when they integrate the Azure Export/Import service, so instead of opting to send the backup through a network that is congested, the disk that contains the backup will be able to be sent to the closest Azure center.

The latest management for DPM offers a powerful reporting system that can be utilized to generate dashboards across multiple DPM servers and data-rich custom reports. In order to extract the canned reports, customers are no longer required to visit every DPM server, as the latest Reporting Management Pack provides this and much more.

Noticeable Advancements

Before this new release, to Azure, DPM customers could backup folders, files, SQL databases, and Hyper-V virtual machines. Users are now able to backup Windows Client, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint workloads to Azure thanks to the combination of the latest Azure Backup agent and the DPM update roll out 5.

Those of you who opt to download the latest Azure Backup agent will automatically attain every capability that has been released to the public in the last couple of months, which include 850GB, and support for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008.

Microsoft Azure Backup is available for a free trial, which makes it an ideal option for those businesses who prefer to try before purchasing. Even in the free trail, one will attain these new features that have recently been integrated to Microsoft Azure Backup.

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