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Google Wireless: Plans To Build Their Own Wireless Network

Google Wireless: Plans To Build Their Own Wireless Network

Not content with having the browser industry in its hands, Google now plans its own wireless network, allowing users to call, text and surf on Android phones.

Will Google Take Over Wireless Networking?

Rumours that Google intends to start its own wireless networking system have been circulating for some months now. In 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google was developing wireless technology, and planning to use it in conjunction with businesses in Asia and Africa.

The Journal Business Insider also suggested that Google was planning to give wireless access to millions of people who did not have Internet. The plan seemed to be to use TV airwaves not currently used by channel companies in order to deliver this wireless system. Some were sceptical about the idea, but this is not the start of Google’s plans, but rather the end.

Google and the Start of Wireless Plans

To really understand what Google’s plans are, it is necessary to go back to 2008, when the Federal Communications Commission in the US was selling wireless spectrum bands. Google created a series of provisions describing how the 700MHz spectrum band could be used. This provision, which ensured that companies using this band would have to make their devices compatible with each other, was implemented by the FCC, but promptly ignored by companies, who created devices with incompatible technology.

Google was so wrapped up with the creation and promotion of the Android phone that it did nothing about wireless and networking until 2012, when it was working with Disk Network and trying to launch a wireless service. However, nothing was agreed, and by 2013 reports were circulating that Google would construct its own wireless network. Again, however, nothing came of it.

The 2014 version of this rumour suggests that Google is already talking to other network providers, and is planning to use Google Fiber Wi-Fi. At the moment, only two areas have Google Fiber, Kansas City and Provo, Utah. 2013 reports said that Google would expand to Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Portland and Phoenix, to name only a few.

Is the Wireless Network Future Google?

At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be as much in the rumours as Android users might hope. These rumours are not exactly a new thing, for years there have been suggestions that Google would start running a wireless network, and although there have been talks, and even written documents addressing issues within the MHz spectrum, it does not seem as though anything has come of these attempts to create a network. Google spent the years between 2008 and 2012 on its Android phones, at a time when many digital and wireless networks were being created and set up. In some ways, it could be that Google has completely missed the boat, and that much of its technology and planning is already out of date and unworkable. Even if a Google wireless network is possible, it seems a long way into the future, if it will ever happen at all.

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