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Driverless cars may be on the roads within the next 5 years says Google

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Driverless cars were once an idea of the future, but as time passes the future becomes the present and now the idea of self-driving cars is starting to become a reality, so much so that Google may have these futuristic auto-mobiles on the market within the next five years.

Chris Urmson (director of Google’s driverless car project), has recently announced at the 2015 TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver that his motivation behind getting the project up to road safety standards within five years is so that it coincides with his son coming of driving age. Urmson’s son is currently 11 years of old and is due to take his test in around four and a half years’ time.

Of course getting these cars road safe is just one hurdle to overcome, if and when the technology does get to a stage where by it is road safe I am certain that the government regulations may need a quick once over.

For a while now many car manufactures have been including some driver assist features within their vehicles, however, nothing has come close to Google’s prototype which takes automation to the next level with no steering wheel and the removal of many other conventional control systems found in normal cars.

Below is a video courtesy of Google, showing the first test drives in the new car.

It’s quite exciting to hear that Google are taking large steps toward making the cars a widely available and it will definitely be interesting to see what they (and other companies) achieve within the next few years. Of course most of you have already heard of companies like Google and Tesla making driverless cars but it’s amazing to hear that they may be available much sooner then we all thought.

Let us know your feelings on the news. Do you think driverless cars are going to be a good thing? Share your thoughts below in the comments section!

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