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Adobe & Google Team Up to Release Photoshop on Chromebooks

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Google have been revolutionising the way in which we use computers after introducing the Chromebook to the market. Cloud based computing has never been to hot, but with it comes downsides, like the ability to run desktop-class software. However, Adobe and Google seem to have teamed up to try and solve this problem after announcing that they will soon be welcoming Creative Cloud onto Chromebooks, initially with the launch of a streaming version of Photoshop.

Streaming Photoshop is now available for education customers that have a paid Creative Cloud subscription. This looks like a beta test before Adobe allows the general public to have access to the software too, although as of yet Adobe hasn’t made it clear when this will be accessible by a wider audience.

The streaming version of Photoshop will integrate with Google Drive allowing users to save documents directly to the cloud. There is also a security mechanism in place so that if you ever lose your internet connection whilst using the cloud based version of Photoshop all changes will be saved to a recovery folder on Google Drive.

Adobe have said that this is the complete version of Photoshop, but it will run in a virtualized environment, so you don’t need to install anything on your local machine. Opening, saving and exporting files is handled by Google Drive. The only thing this version can’t do for now, however, is use any GPU dependent features in Photoshop and it also can’t print or use input devices like scanners either. However the printing problem is solved simply by exporting your documents to a preferred format beforehand.

Adobe have also mentioned that the streaming version of Photoshop is not only for Chromebooks but can also run straight from a Chrome browser in Windows 7 & 8 too.

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